Knox Road is 6 years old today!

We never thought how much this website would mean to us, but here we are, six years in, and still going strong. It really does feel like quite an accomplishment. Sure, we don’t post as much as we used to, but we’ll never get sick of listening to great new music and sharing […]

New Frightened Rabbit side project: Owl John

This came out of nowhere. Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchison teamed up with fellow FR bandmate Andy Monaghan and friend Simon Liddell to create Owl John. Our first listen comes in the form of a song called “Hate Music” which is a darkly marching intense and brooding tune. Frightened Rabbit has had this kind […]

Guess what!? Knox Road back in action soon

Maybe even tomorrow. That’s right ladies and gentlemen and everyone else: we’re back.

Thank you all for your patience during this longer-than-anticipated hiatus. Life had made it difficult to keep up with the blog, but I’m in a place now where I’ll be able to continue the upkeep and writing. I’ll be back to finding […]

Quick Update!

Hey friends,

In case you hadn’t noticed, Knox Road has been lacking new posts lately. Don’t worry, it’s not a trend that will continue much longer. However, we have had some busy lives lately which has kept us from really digging our ears into new music. We will be back atcha shortly, with our […]

Arcade Fire’s ‘Reflektor’ Lyric Video is Live!


There you have it, it’s live. We don’t usually post newsy news, but this one is…uniquely grand. After months of teaser videos and guerrilla marketing maneuvers that annoyed even their most die-hard fans; Arcade Fire’s fourth full-length studio album Reflektor is streaming on YouTube. It’s live, and well, it’s a lyric video of epic proportions.

YouTube Preview Image

This is all happening five days ahead of release, and the entire record (85-minutes in length) is streaming on YouTube to the a classic Brazilian movie “Black Orpheus.”  Watching this reminds me of the classic Wizard of Oz film to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. And yes, there are occasional moments of synchronicity in “Black Orpheus” that seem to match the music in Reflekor. It’s a trip man, and worth spending 85-minutes watching a Brazilian film you probably haven’t heard of.

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Walk-In Records’ first release has arrived!

It’s an exciting day for Walk-In Records and the Knox Road family. Pre-orders for Spaces’ LP, Nothing Exists but Atoms and The Void, are now available!

The vinyl is beautiful. I’ll let Walk-In Records do the rest of the talking:

The LP is pressed on 180 gram blood-red vinyl and comes housed in a sturdy jacket […]

Akudama returns from hiatus; preps release of new self-titled EP

We’ve had many favorites come through Knox Road over the years, taking enormous pride (even if it’s not ours to take) in seeing great results. So when Akudama, a highly-championed KR band, went on hiatus last year, it stuck a fork in our hearts. The band had other projects (most notably Penguin Prison […]

Magic City changes name to Sister Crystals

The title says all you need to know. Everything else will be the same!

From Walk-In Records:

As you may or may not know by now, there’s a new show out there called Magic City. I’d love to tell you that the show details the adventures of an amazing band from Chicago but I’d […]

Walk-In Records to issue Spaces’ “Nothing Exists but Atoms and the Void” on vinyl

We’ve got some exciting news from our record label partner Walk-In Records. Walk-In officially plans to release a vinyl issue of Spaces’ most recent album, Nothing Exists but Atoms and the Void. Spaces, a Brooklyn duo (with local supporting members), have been at the instrumental post-prog game since 2008, and Walk-In expects a […]

Knox Road partners with new label Walk-In Records; Magic City first signed artist

I’ve been hinting at some KR news these past few weeks, and now it’s coming to you live. We at Knox Road have teamed up with a new label, Walk-In Records, and we couldn’t be more excited.

What does this “partnership” mean, exactly? Well, Jamie and I can sit on our laurels and […]