[MP3] Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons: “Hurricane”

You can see the opening scene to a TV show in this Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons song. The main character is purposefully walking, or jogging in the morning, or doing something mischievous that makes them look and feel superior to all else. You know what I’m talking about.

“Hurricane” takes on [...]

[MP3] Mansions on the Moon: “Fade Into You” (Mazzy Star cover)

Spanning from intense electro pop to folk ballads to acoustic covers of such luminaries as Mazzy Star, Mansions on the Moon does it all.

Mansions on the Moon on Knox [...]

[MP3] Sophia Mitiku: “The Hollow”

We speak about worldy musicians quite often, but I’d be hard-pressed to find someone more deserving of that label than Sophia Mitiku. Mitiku, half Korean, half Ethiopian, was born in California but raised and grew up between Germany and Finland. Say what? Yeah. She knows a thing or two about diverse cultures.

Mitiku, [...]

Notable Album Release: Brother Dege – How to Kill a Horse

Dust off the desert sand from the creases of your hat. The sun will come up soon; it’s time to get back on your weary feet and keep searching. For who you have become and for who you want to be.

How to Kill a Horse is due November 5 via GolarWash [...]

[MP3] Maria Taylor: “Tunnel Vision”

Um, how did this one just pass me by? Maybe because it premiered in the Wall Street Journal (everyone loves indie!). Whatever, all that matters is that Maria Taylor is coming back with a new album, Something About Knowing. It drops October 29 (via Saddle Creek) so that’s really all I’ll be listening to [...]

[MP3] The Landing: “Strange Charm”

The Landing’s “Strange Charm” is a soft piano falsetto track that’s right in my wheelhouse. Not overly experimental, which keeps it listenable, but still layered and sophisticated. It’s pretty; it’s hopeful; it’s mesmerizing. Go ahead and take the plunge.

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[MP3] Yellerkin: “Solar Laws”

She’s sitting, staring out at the small lake behind the house. Dark clouds appear in the distance, moving quickly towards her. She looks down; the far edge of the lake shows tiny little circles, making their way closer. The circles multiply, getting bigger and fast approaching. Her friends rush into the house, grabbing [...]

[MP3] Fialta: “Cars”

Fialta delivers their next great summer single with “Cars,” straying from the guy-girl harmonies for a female-driven jam. All the rest you need to know about Fialta can be found here and here, since they’re one of Knox Road’s favorites.

Summer Winter is due out July 23. Preorder it.

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Second Hand Heart

For the chilly nights after crazy hot days. My favorite kind of night. I could sit outside for hours.

Bonus: Second Hand Heart – “Trouble” [MP3 via SoundCloud] Bonus: Second Hand Heart – “Tu me perds” [Link to stream]

Second Hand Heart on the web | Facebook | [...]

Trails and Ways release Trilingual EP

Colors define reality. Dullness becomes hysteria. Do you see color when you listen to the sounds that resonate most in your head? Do you see hot reds and oranges when listening to rock, and grainy blues and greens when listening to folk? Waves of sound become intensely hued. The best sounds make me [...]