Doe Paoro’s ‘Ink on the Walls’ EP

doe paoro ink on the walls

My good friend Doe Paoro returned with a new EP, Ink on the Walls, this week, marking a vast departure in production from her previous works. She collaborated with S. Carey of Bon Iver fame, and he added necessary tightness to her raw sound. Justin Vernon – surprise! – is featured as well. The soul is still very much there, and Doe’s vocals, as usual, propel the tunes forward, but she needed this to gain ground on the upper echelon of indie artists, and that she has done. Watch her just-released video for “Walking Backwards,” the strongest track on the EP and give the full thing a listen below.

4 comments to Doe Paoro’s ‘Ink on the Walls’ EP

  • So haunting. “I can’t find no eyes to lock with mine”

    And she opens her sets with Tibetan a Capella?! How cool.

    Lee Levin Reply:

    Yeah, she is SUPER cool. And such a nice person. Did you see her live?

    Janna Pelle Reply:

    … Does youtube count?

    Lee Levin Reply:

    In this day and age…it’d be hard to say no! But I’d definitely suggest a legit live show :)