Faces Together


This one is special on a personal level. Good friend Aaron Leeder, he of Exit Clov, Drunken Sufis, Sri and more, took on the moniker Faces Together for his newest work. The project is meant to be a “visual soundtrack” of sorts, with Leeder doing nearly everything alone, including all instruments, arrangements and mixing. You can’t help but be impressed by the entirety of it all, as it’s a slice of life in Brooklyn and New York. The sounds are evocative of the city, from the darkest, most humble pieces to the energizing, rambunctious sorts.

I am proud of but not in the least bit surprised at Leeder’s latest undertaking. He has the chops for anything he sets his musical mind to. Have a listen to his debut full length, Top Left Corner, below.

Faces Together on Bandcamp | Facebook

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