Black Light Dinner Party: “We Are Golden”

Well, I held back on this for a bit so there wouldn’t be much bias in posting, but now it’s time for show and tell. Consider it a special Sunday night post. Black Light Dinner Party, whom I’ve previously written about in a mysterious way, recently released their new song “We Are Golden.” And with that song comes an animated video to storify it, and a retro 8-bit video game based off the video. With prizes involved. Cool stuff, right? I think so.

Now, in everyone’s best interest, I should be quite clear that BLDP and I are friends, and that I currently work with dreambear, the production company responsible for the video (animated by Jonathan Seligson) and overall project with BLDP. However, I like to believe that I only work on and with projects and people I truly believe in (so naive, I know!), and “We Are Golden,” from song to video to video game, is a humble little work of art, of which I am quite proud.

“We Are Golden” is a mystical, sparkling experience with electronic bells, keys and sounds typically reserved for kids toys and lullabyes. The nascent BLDP crew is set to release their debut LP in the coming months. Sit back, relax, listen, watch, play and love a good melody.

Links: Black Light Dinner Party | dreambear | Jonathan Seligson

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