New Fallulah song


Fallulah, one of my favorite Danish artists and occupying space on many a mix I have made, recently teamed up with our good friends over at Danger Village PR. People I like joining together? Always a good thing. And I have quickly been satisfied, as the catchy singer/songwriter just re-released her pop hit, “Out Of It.”

“Out Of It” glistens with layered vocals and a dark, intense echo. Fallulah, you’ve done well.

Fallulah on the web | Facebook

[photo by Inga Seevers]

2 comments to New Fallulah song

  • Wilson

    “Out of It” is not a new hit for Fallulah. She released it in 2010.


    Lee Levin Reply:

    You are right. I should have made that more clear once I realized. Have updated it now. Thank you!


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