Stars @ Webster Hall

Photo via Brooklyn Vegan by Amanda Hatfield

I show up and the doorman is the nicest I’ve ever encountered. I’d never been to Webster Hall before surprisingly, so I’m a little confused about where to enter. He unhooked the red velvet rope for me and said I had my own entrance; I could get used to Manhattan decorum! …Or maybe it’s the new dress. I enter the concert hall and it’s packed. A haze of smoke drifts above the crowd and it’s hard to tell if it sprung from them or if the venue is purposefully papering us in vapor. Nope, smoke machine spotted in the balcony – either way, it works.

Due to a serious of unfortunate events that include the lack of F & G service to south Brooklyn this weekend, I miss Diamond Rings. I’ve had bad luck with transport lately.

They’re setting up the stage for Stars, though, who were another early-college-idol-band for me that I’ve never seen live. The set list you ask? What can one say about a set list that seamlessly blends every old heart-knocking ballad with the new set of sparkling knife-like songs just released on their latest record The North? It was a knock-out. The show was more beautiful and regal than Lady Liberty herself, and as these songs went back to the beginning of college for me, it felt historic too.

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Walk-In Records signs Jordon Salveson

Knox Road label partner Walk-In Records is excited to announce the signing of experimental Nashville folk musician, Jordon Salveson. Salveson represents a bit of a change-up for Walk-In, as we’ve seen lo-fi and progressive, but not much of the “soothing” variety. He is widely unknown, and we hope to change that with the […]

Lester The Fierce

Oh, the times when I love music blogging. (What, you thought I had undying love for this thing? Try getting behind the wheel.) An old summer camp acquaintance recently reached out to me via Facebook about one of the acts she manages and the whole personal piece certainly sparked my interest. I was […]

Band of Horses @ House of Vans

Photo via Brooklyn Vegan by David Andrako

Due to the propensity that Brooklyn has for flash rainstorms, I was late to the show, which infuriated me. A monsoon erupted right around the time I got off work, and I managed to get caught in it not once, but twice. But, I was going to see Band of Horses even if I was a bedraggled mess of a journalist, so when I showed up to House of Vans in Greenpoint a half hour after listed set time, I was pleased to discover I had only missed three songs.  Not only that, but BoH veterans went on to play 21 full songs, after months of indie band shows seeing a major band perform again felt a bit odd. I mean 21 songs counting the encores? It was almost too many, but the musicianship of Band of Horses live allowed them to carry it off.

Sadly, since I was late, I missed my absolute favorite nostalgic jam “NW Apt.” off their third full length record Infinite Arms. This track is basically a love song dedicated to what life in Seattle feels like and it reminds me of driving through those streets late at night with my sister Natalie. Band of Horses got their start in that beautiful emerald city, sparking the interest of Sub Pop, but have since relocated to South Carolina where lead singer Ben Bridewell is from. However, their stint in the Northwest inked something of that area into both their sound and their demeanor. Bridewell’s heartfelt interaction with the crowd and humility, even after all these years, was a far cry from many indie bands’ stone-faced-hipster game.

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[MP3] Ruarri Joseph: “Anyway”

An alluringly simple, orchestral folk track from Ruarri Joseph‘s fourth studio album, Brother, due out October 29 via Pip Productions in the UK. The warmth in Joseph’s voice is half the appeal of “Anyway;” he makes the words resonate.


[Hype Hype Hooray] Beck Hansen and the Reprise of True Folk Music

Hype Hype Hooray is a biweekly “critique” of the music scene and the blogosphere that feeds it, told through the lens of Jamie Hale, a journalist who likes music about as much as he likes scotch and a firm leather chair. Please enjoy with a grain of salt.

There’s been a lot of interesting buzz lately about our old friend Beck Hansen. Nearly two decades after making stoners swoon with genre-bender “Loser,” he’s releasing a new album that defies expectations once again. He’s not experimenting with genre or style, as the man is wont to do, but with the concept of the album. As you might well know, Beck isn’t releasing a recording, he’s releasing sheet music.

The idea is invoking a lot of praise from business-minded critics who argue the move will circumvent pirates, will generate more interest for his inevitable tour and will be a generally interesting experiment.

But the sheet-music album, appropriately called Beck Hansen’s Song Reader, goes much deeper than music revenues and crowd sourcing – it takes America, and the world, back to a long-forgotten era of music. It takes us to the era in which songs didn’t belong to the people who wrote them, but to the people who learned them, played them, and passed them along.

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Burn Down The Charade

What makes you feel alive?

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[Abby’s Road] This is your brain on music.

Firstly, I hope all is rosy and happy in Autumnal music land. Truly is the best time of the year for music nerds like me. I find myself talking more about music; even with those I don’t have a whole lot in common with (like my 10 year old nephew). It’s like the […]

Fast Romantics

Halfway through every year, I always look forward to Will Oliver’s list of the best songs of the year (so far) at We All Want Someone To Shout For. Will always finds a perfect balance between the obvious BIG tracks that everyone talks about and the under-the-radar gems found in the […]