Desert Stars

Brooklyn five-piece Desert Stars start 2012 off right with the release of their first single. “Boys I Like” and “Farewell Decade” are glossy pop songs that shimmer and shine from start to finish. These tracks are very well polished and seem a bit too slick to carry the shoegaze tag, but there are certainly elements. I should note that the slickness doesn’t make them bad songs; in fact, they are pretty catchy indie-poppers that remind me of a more produced, slightly fuzzier version of Tennis.

The vocals are nice on both tracks, the harmonies are solid, and the entire band seems very competent, I just can’t push aside the feeling that this sounds overproduced. As a result you’ve got solid songs, but ultimately, this still feels like a work in progress. If anything, I think what I like best about Desert Stars is their potential. If this band keeps developing, I feel like they will have some amazing stuff ahead of them. This single is a really good start, but it’s far from their zenith.

Desert Stars – “Boys I Like” [MP3]

Desert Stars – “Farewell Decade” [MP3]

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