Quickbeam, out of Glasgow, is one of those bands that’s on the brink of stardom but not quite there yet because of their raw qualities. The trio’s debut single, “Seven Hundred Birds,” showcases precisely what is perfect but also missing. The elegant strings, the orchestral, slow-winding story. All beautiful stuff. But while Monica Gromek’s […]

[MP3] Gemma Ray: “Runaway”

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard from Gemma Ray. Not necessarily because she hasn’t produced anything new, because she may have. She also may not have. I didn’t do much research for this post, because it honestly doesn’t matter to me. Feel free to Google it, though. What does matter to me […]

[Abby’s Road] Mersey Paradise

I am at a crossroads. When life lobs lemons and apples and rotten tomatoes at your melon, sometimes you’re so preoccupied it’s impossible to make anything out of it other than a big, rancid box of mashed fruits and vegetables. It can be exhausting attempting to be fresh and new and, moreover, on […]

Notable Album Release: Denison Whitmer – “The Ones Who Wait”

Ten or more years ago I remember writing about Denison Witmer’s Of Joy and Sorrow and The 80’s EP and thinking that given another album or two this guy would be huge. As far as the singer-songwriter genre goes, Witmer had all the tools: thoughtful songs, mood-inducing music, and albums that always had […]

The Lumineers

The Lumineers make the kind of life-affirming folk music that many bands aspire for, but few actually pull off. Their best track, “Ho Hey” is a perfectly crafted foot-stomper, literally demanding a group singalong – on tour, the crowd will surely “ho!” and “hey!” along with the band after every four […]

Wooden Shjips’ Remixes 12” makes me curious

I will confess that I’m usually not a fan of remixes. I find that remixes usually just end up sucking the life out of a song by adding a lot of drum machines and loops, thereby creating a new version that tends to be a shadow of the original. This is the stuff […]

Pontiak’s Echo Ono is a road trip record with a heavy emphasis on trip

One of the first great rock records of 2012 has landed in the form of Pontiak’s latest, Echo Ono. The nine tracks that make up this record have only one purpose: to take you on a room-shaking, mind-altering, jaw-dropping trip to anywhere but here. Echo Ono is a magical mystery tour for heavy […]


Whoever said you can’t listen to upbeat music in winter is a big fat liar. Because I’m doing it right now. *Obnoxiously sticking my tongue out.*

Coasts are a Bristol-based pop heavy band with driving melodies and peppy vocals. The band is going for a tropical vibe, which is clear through their music […]

[Hype Hype Hooray] How 9/11 Changed Rock ‘n’ Roll, Part 1

Jamie normally snarks on the music industry and the indie blog scene, but for the next three installments he will explore how the attacks on September 11 changed the course of rock music (note: he’s not talking about pop music, just rock). I know it’s about 9/11, but don’t get all weird about it, […]

Stone Cold Fox

Editor’s Note: We’re proud to announce a new contributor, Adam Offitzer. Please join us in welcoming him to the Knox Road community. You can find him on Twitter at @aoffitzer.

Since this is my first post ever for Knox Road, it’s probably a good place to define my music taste for […]