Brae is Brandon Husken, who’s been in the music scene for 22 years but has recently rediscovered himself as a singer/songwriter. His forthcoming album, Another Time and Place, marks his third full length as Brae, but it’s his first real effort into getting the word out there about the project. Husken is a multi-instrumentalist, specializing as a drummer, though he employs eight of his friends on the album to help with varied instrumentation.

Another Time and Place, out January 27, is probably best suited for the turn of winter to spring, as it has a mellow folk-pop flair. The kind that you want to listen to on your porch as you watch your grass and trees finally return to green. (It’s always funny to me living in NYC and talking about grass and porches and whatnot…but I have the same seasonal feelings!) Enjoy the title track below.

Brae – “Another Time and Place” [MP3]

Brae on Bandcamp | Facebook

[Cover art by Sanne Bruinsma]

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