The Willow & The Builder

Connecticut’s The Willow & The Builder is technically Richard Miron and Adrian Simon, but they’re joined by a whole slew of musicians on their debut s/t record. The ever-changing dynamic of the debut is impressive, as Miron and Simon’s exuberant youthfulness is on full display. But there’s also a keen sense of sorrow, and the combination of the two makes for a fascinating listen.

Finely and delicately crafted, the album takes us on Miron and Simon’s journey through the Connecticut wilderness, and, in turn, a realization that the death of their youth is approaching much quicker than anticipated. But there are new joys to be found on the horizon. The glow in The Willow & The Builder’s songs communicates just that.

The Willow & The Builder – “Heartache” [MP3]

The Willow & The Builder – “What’s Next” [MP3]

The Willow & The Builder – “Cut It Down” [MP3]

The Willow & The Builder on Bandcamp | Facebook

Shout out to my friend Jay for sending this one over #heyjay.

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