Doe Paoro

Isn’t it fantastic when you get music recommendations from co-workers? And the artists are actually great (not to mention friends with your co-workers)? YES, it’s very much fantastic. Which is why I’m so excited to present Doe Paoro to you, and her latest single, “Can’t Leave You.”

Doe Paoro is one Brooklyn-based Sonia Kreitzer. I have to admit, I was skeptical when my buddies first told me about her, as they bash on my music taste quite frequently. I often get the: “Lee’s into bells and bleeps and songs no one else listens to!” It’s okay; we do it because we like being the outsiders, amirite? Whatever. The point is, I took one look at the aesthetic of Doe Paoro’s Bandcamp page and saw potential. Then I listened to “Can’t Leave You” and it legitimately blew me away.

Kreitzer’s soulful voice is impenetrable, pinned against the backdrop of cello, violin and piano. That description alone should do it for you (and make all regular readers know why I love it so much), but Kreitzer does so much more. She’s not afraid to test her vocal limits (both high and low), and I like that. I like it a lot. Doe Paoro, you slay me.

Doe Paoro – “Can’t Leave You” [MP3]

“Can’t Leave You” is the single to Doe Paoro’s forthcoming album Slow To Love.

Doe Paoro on Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter

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