Oriel Joans

I used to talk about Swedish bands nonstop around here, discussing their “born-with-it”, innate quality of producing catchy, melodic indie pop. Lately, though, I feel like I’ve dropped the ball. No mention of the Swedes, no songs posted from Swedish bands on the rise.

Let’s change that, shall we? (It’s always funny to me when I, or others, go from “I” to “We”, as if it’s all our faults that Swedish bands haven’t been as much on Knox Road. It’s really just my fault. Sorry to blame you innocent folks.)

Oriel Joans, a quartet, recently released a new single, “Chin Up,” following the release of their first full-length album in 2010. As you would expect, the track has luscious guy-girl harmonies, “ooooh ahhhhs” in the background, and handclaps (handclaps!!). Full-sounding and fragile at the same time, this is exactly the type of music I’ve been looking for lately.

Oriel Joans – “Chin Up” [MP3]

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