The Skull Defekts’ 2013-3012 is complex and gripping

When former Lungfish front man Daniel Higgs joined Swedish noise-rock juggernaut The Skull Defekts on their Peer Amid album earlier this year, it seemed like a natural fit that played to the strengths of both parties. Now, taking things one step further, The Skull Defekts teamed up with Zomes, the solo moniker of former Lungfish guitarist Asa Osbourne, for a day-long recording session in Rhode Island. The results are right here on 2013-3012 and they are as excellent as you can imagine.

The union of The Skull Defekts and Zomes resurrects the pile-driving drone of Sound In Time and Indivisible-era Lungfish while easily incorporating the nuanced noise and experimentation of The Skull Defekts and Zomes. The first of the three songs on this EP, “Children of The Skull Defekts,” is so good you might want to consider giving it a few repeat listens before moving on to the second track. That being said, the second track, “Beyond Within,” is an epic that remains gripping from start to finish. Finally, “Embryo” provides a nice meditative conclusion to the record.

Things get tricky when you flip the record. The B-side plays backward from the center hole to the edge, making it the practical side when trying to extract those hidden subversive messages from the underworld that you know are lurking in there somewhere.

The Skull Defekts don’t disappoint, and 2013-3012 is no exception. There are a lot of great records in The Skull Defekts catalog prior to Mr. Higgs enter into the fold; however, if you’re a Lungfish fan unfamiliar with The Skull Defekts, consider this your starting point.

The Skull Defekts – “Childrenerdlihc” [MP3]

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