It is rain in my face’s Wishbone EP

One of my favorite aspects of listening to new music is the ability to discover new approaches to established sounds or genres. On more than one occasion I’ve been treated to an artist who explores a genre that isn’t one of my favorites and takes it in a direction that is unexpected and appealing. Listening to Wishbone, the latest release from Brooklyn’s It is rain in my face, is definitely one of those experiences.

Matthew Jones, the man behind It is rain in my face, brings together elements of dance and electronic music with the singer-songwriter genre and glazed it with some ambient textures to create an ultra satisfying experience. The title track, “Down In the Town” and “So Just So” are essential. Wishbone is out on the Absent Fever label and is only available digitally right now, so get to downloading.

It is rain in my face. – “Wishbone” [MP3]

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