Crystal Swells

On most days, rock is better when it’s raw. When you find a band that reminds you of a raw open wound, you’ve hit the jackpot.Crystal Swells sound like that giant gash you put in your knee — you know, the one from that unbelievable skating accident? It wasn’t worthy of stitches, but you had to consider a trip to the emergency room for about 30 seconds.

On their album Goethe Head Soup, Crystal Swells offer up six tracks of fuzzy garage punk that are not to be missed. These songs are well constructed and perfectly executed. Goethe Head Soup is the perfect soundtrack to picking gravel out of your latest road injury. Check out “Mellow Californian” below and then head over to Bandcamp and grab all six songs…preferably on cassette.

Crystal Swells – “Mellow Californian” [MP3]

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