Brother John

Brother John is the artsiest of the artsy. And I don’t just mean that in a dumb music blogger statement way. Everything about them screams ART. Note:

– They are a 14-piece Avant Folk Orchestra.

– They were started by a composer and a social psychologist.

– Their recently released debut EP is titled the tiniest bones, the infinite everything EP.

– The EP is limited to 200 prints, features hand-made and hand-typed album sleeves, hand-stenciled boxes, custom hand-printed wrapping, physical artwork, and a book of original album-inspired poetry by a variety of musicians.

Believe me now? If not, have a listen to the promo track off the EP, “Stanley Messenger,” which gets the blood boiling with its vigor. It’s a beaut.

Brother John – “Stanley Messenger” [MP3]

Get the EP on Brother John’s Bandcamp

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