[MP3] YesYou: “Half Of It”

Certainly not me, but definitely this Brisbane producer duo (Jono Kirkham and Gav Parry, aka YesYou), who enjoy the help of James O’Brien (of The Boat People) and the St. Margaret Angelican Girls’ School Choir on vocals for the first single, “Half Of It”, off their forthcoming dance pop debut.

You know what? I’m impressed for a first single off a debut album. They’re clearly an electronic duo who want to have fun with their sound, yet they don’t come close to going overboard and adding layers upon layers upon layers of nonsense, like some producers love to do these days. That maturity is just one of a handful of things these guys have going for them. The synth of “Half Of It” is pretty slick and the beat is more than groovy enough to get down.

YesYou – “Half Of It” [MP3]

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