Notable Album Release: Falcon – Disappear

Brooklyn’s Falcon are set to self-release their debut full-length, Disappear (which you can already download on Bandcamp), on May 17. They’ve toyed around a bit with the Falcon EP in 2008 and composed a soundtrack to author Daniel Wallace’s illustrated book O’Great Rosenfeld. But what’s really interesting here is that Falcon’s songs were written by two of the members’ childhood friend, Jared Falcon, who was institutionalized at age 13. Falcon wanted to bring Jared’s songs to life, so they have recorded 15 of his written songs since the band formed in 2004, using only cassette tapes, left in Jared’s locker from 1988, as their foundation. You can’t make this stuff up.

We get a first look at Disappear with the song “Say Goodbye,” which is bursting with life through its yelping harmonies, heavy percussion, and boisterous guitar.

Falcon – “Say Goodbye” [MP3]

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