[MP3] Zachary Cale: “Hello Oblivion” + “Mourning Glory Kid”

I’ve been waiting quite some time for a song like Zachary Cale’s “Hello Oblivion” to come around, reinforcing my (oft internally embattled) belief that “songs-that-would-have-been-on-The OC” (think Turin Brakes) are still being made. Nostalgia is beside me on this one. That alone should be enticing enough for you to want to listen.

…If by the off chance it isn’t, the song is beautiful. There’s no other way around it.

Zachary Cale – “Hello Oblivion” [MP3]

Bonus: Zachary Cale – “Mourning Glory Kid” [MP3]

Both tracks are off the Brooklynite’s forthcoming album, Noise of Welcome. It will be released May 17 in the States via All Hands Electric, while the European version is set to be released via Germany’s Adagio 830 label.

Zachary Cale on Bandcamp | Facebook

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