Little Anchor

We don’t post all that often on Saturdays or Sundays, because the weekend is a time for REST. (Side note: Jamie usually works on the weekend. HA. …Just kidding, I feel for you, Jamie. :( ) But, there are those times when music overlaps quite nicely with rest and songs are well suited for Saturdays. Little Anchor is a prime example.

Little Anchor was originally a solo project of Alexa Cabellon out in the Pacific Northwest, but she decided to head back to her college home of New York City to form a full band with two of her past friends and a newbie drummer. Was moving to the land of chaos a good idea? Probably for exposure, though her Northwest music roots are still intact. “Until Our Eyes Adjust” is a delicate, uncluttered song. Soft strings, guitar, and a voice that melts the ice in our veins.

Little Anchor – “Until Our Eyes Adjust” [MP3]

Little Anchor will be releasing a new EP in late 2011. Find them on MySpace and Facebook.

[Photo by Emily Tan]

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