The Peasant Dramatic

The Peasant Dramatic is one of those folk pop collectives we seem to love around here. Nine members, trombone, cello – the works. They live in Vermont, saying they’re “stuffed like a mute in a bell into the northeastern tip of the American States.” Hey, come on, Vermont’s got a lot going for it! Skiing! Cheddar Cheese! Ben & Jerry! Unfair, guys. Plus, the music you make is indicative of a colder, secluded area. Because of Vermont, your zeal shines through.

Raspy vocals and a flair for vivid imagery/storytelling identify The Peasant Dramatic’s sound. I’ve been missing this kind of music lately. Thank you, Ben, Laura, Aaron, Jess, Ryan, Emily, Fatty (…), Charlie, and Taylor, for warming up my winter.

This is all a little bit odd, considering their debut album, Sleeping Golden October, was recorded during summertime, but, oh well.

The Peasant Dramatic – “Awake The Dawn!” [MP3] (love the transition to piano at 0:45)

The Peasant Dramatic – “Flood” [MP3]

The Peasant Dramatic – “Dreams About Sharks” [MP3]

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