[MP3 + Video] Hear Hums: “Woo”

[Bear with me for this oddly structured post.]

What the hell is going on in this song?

Hear Hums – “Woo” [MP3]

I don’t know. But I like it.

Accompanying video below (first half of the video is Hear Hums’ song “Cerebellum”, second half is “Woo”). Knox Road goes psych-o this Monday.

Hear Hums, out of Gainesville, Florida, is duo Mitch and Kenzie. Their second album, Psyche Cycles, was just released on Crash Symbols. And guess what? You can download the entire album for free, courtesy of the band (and Crash Symbols) themselves.

Hear Hums on Bandcamp | MySpace | Blog | Facebook

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