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So, funny story. Well, sort of. I was stalking Twitter, as usual (what the hell else do you do on Twitter?), when I see our good buddy Dave Rawkblog absolutely GUSHING about this random band, Summer Fiction. With the respect I have for Dave’s music taste (and more-than-occasional distaste – if you read his site you’ll know what I’m talking about), I checked out Summer Fiction’s music and was quite enamored myself. I hadn’t really planned on writing a post just yet, as I tried to listen to the music as a non-music blogger and general fan. Turns out that’s becoming impossible to do these days.

Before I could blink, Bill Ricchini, the man behind Summer Fiction, reached out to me per Dave’s suggestion (meanwhile, Dave didn’t even know I had checked out Summer Fiction, but he thought I’d enjoy. BLOGGIN’ SOULMATES 4EVER!) and offered up some further information about his well-structured, put-together sound. This time, I was in full music blogger mode and would post something up.

So, without further ado, I present to you Summer Fiction, a one-man wrecking machine out of Philadelphia, whose self-titled debut album officially drops November 30 (though you can hear it now on Bandcamp). I’d describe the music myself, but when an artist gets it better than I, I usually stick to their own thoughts, especially when it’s all cutesy and stuff:

Sounds like: baroque pop, chamber torch songs, freewheelin’ folk, and the golden days of missing you.

The golden days of missing you. Awww, mannn. The oxymoron is wonderfully provocative. Just like the music.

Summer Fiction – “Chandeliers” [MP3]

Summer Fiction on Bandcamp | Website

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