The Aeronautical Legends prep unique record project, offer rough new mp3

The Aeronautical Legends, a pop folk band out of Akron, Ohio, are making their fourth record with a doozy of an idea. They have a Kickstarter project that challenges critics and bloggers to get in on the creation of a record. Essentially, the critics would have some say in the creative process, providing a comprehensive experience for everyone involved. As front man Josh Dennison puts it,

My thought is that critics are always touting the good and bad of an album, but it’s always after it is released.  I think it would be exciting to see what would happen if these criticisms were made during the creative process.  My sincere hope is that it would make for a better record! With my project I’m essentially trying to “break the fourth wall,” and see if the creative and the critical world could ever co-exist!

If all the exclamation points don’t indicate excitement, I don’t know what does! He seems so…passionate! But really, though – I think it’s a neat idea, and I’m not at all put off by the notion that it wouldn’t fully be “the band’s” record if critics get involved. Mostly because this is their fourth record so they’ve already had their own creative process several times.

Check out a rough track below off one of the new projects, and be on the lookout for more info.

The Aeronautical Legends – “Werewolf Winter’s Eve” [MP3]

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