Prince to Tour U.S. with Janelle Monáe

Well who didn’t see this one coming? I for one didn’t, but it just feels like I should have, ya know? Queen of weird indie/soul/hip hop/R&B has some kind of fetish for funk-inspired weirdos that has taken her from touring with Of Montreal to now touring with Prince. A natural evolution, right? Right. I don’t get it, but I don’t care. “If the glove fits,” etc. And this glove is going to look and sound FANTASTIC. There aren’t any dates scheduled yet, but does it matter? You’ll be going. We’ll all be going. I don’t even listen to Prince and I’ll be going.* Missing this is like missing the lighting of some strange, purple, pelvic thrusting Christmas tree. Get with the weird, people.

*I WOULD be going if I didn’t live in the middle of fucking nowhere. But since my town is even snubbed by third-rate country singers, I can’t imagine Prince and Janelle making it to the Farmington Civic Center.

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