[MP3] The Good Natured: “Prisoner”

The phenomenon of young artists getting more air time is nothing new. But rarely do we stumble upon a teenager who evokes such raw emotion as Sarah McIntosh (aka The Good Natured), a 19-year-old Brit. She’ll be releasing her second single, “My Animal”, November 1 via KIDS, and is teasing/pleasing us with the b-side in “Prisoner”, available for free download.

“Prisoner”‘s penetration begins immediately, with a sharp, pounding beat and unnerving vocals. The song is not for the weak of heart, seeping deep into our flesh and making us want to crawl out of our skin. It’s a cry of and for courage and liberation, yet the undertone suggests an acute desire for help.

The Good Natured – “Prisoner” [MP3]

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  • Seriously? WOW: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeBMHnJqAvM

    Lee Reply:

    The videos are similar too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vzUFWykARU

    abby Reply:

    Nothing wrong with wearing influences on sleeves…or on lower/upper eyelids and lips as it were. Oh Siouxie…how I, too, wanted to be you as well (in 1986).

    abby Reply:

    Siouxsie, even.

  • Okay, we must have some kind of weird subconscious connection because I have a post about her sitting in my drafts! I totally stumbled upon her randomly a few days ago after a series of clicks through a bunch of blogs I don’t normally read.

    PS – I can’t make up my mind if she wants to look like Siouxsie or Robert Smith, though I’m leaning toward Robert Smith at this point. :)

    Lee Reply:

    Yeah, when that happens to me with blogs I read regularly I’m always a little freaked out.

    re: Robert Smith: Why had I not thought of that?? On the money. Scratch my first comment, this freaks me out…

    PS – when did you change your design? I had no idea!

  • Love that photo and love that song!