Roy Paymon

It’s hard to classify Roy Paymon‘s music, as it blends together several styles of folk, pop, blues, rock, and general Americana. He’s a singer/songwriter based out of Brooklyn, and recently released his self-produced debut album, Guarding Crows.

Check out a couple tracks below, including the stunning “Imonetta” (if you don’t understand why that’s the title of the song then you should check your hearing). Despite the repeated lyrics, however, the song breaks out into something much more after a bare-bones plea that begins with just an acoustic guitar and some haunting background synth, then transitions into an overwrought emotional imploration. This guy’s got the songwriting chops to make it big.

Roy Paymon – “Imonetta” [MP3]

Roy Paymon – “Tipperary Sand” [MP3]

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