[MP3s] Lucy Schwartz: “Rain City” + “Graveyard”

Lucy Schwartz was recently crowned with KCRW’s top tune for “Rain City”, a track off her forthcoming full length, Life In Letters. In case you forget, Schwartz is a mere 20 years of age, and is already making (/has made) major strides in the industry. She’s helped to score films and has been featured twice before here on Knox Road (obviously making her a SUPERSTAR.)

“Rain City” shows off Schwartz’s sultry, mature vocals for a woman of her age, as they deeply resonate with the backing piano. Also, those overlayed harmonies at the end of the song are precious, and one of those songwriting techniques I never fail to enjoy. You can pick up “Graveyard” as well for free (after the jump) in exchange for your email address.

Lucy Schwartz – “Rain City” [MP3]

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