Youngster: RickoLus

“This album is a homage to my youth. I had a wonderful time but I am going somewhere new. Good bye and good riddance…”

– RickoLus via liner notes on Youngster.

I know you’ve been waiting for it (humor me): the third and final installment in Abby’s Youth Series, 2010. Today, if you don’t already know him, I introduce RickoLus.

Richard J. Colado, aka RickoLus, hails from Jacksonville, Florida and has a brilliant affinity for waxing poetically about his past (read: childhood) in his latest LP, Youngster (Circle Into Square, 07/27/10). In recent years past I’ve had reason to reflect upon my being a kid; simultaneously trying to shed the bullshit hipstardom while retaining the substantive lessons learned during 20+ years of being a mature-ish child rather than an adult with a handful of healthy, child-like habits. I think there is a difference. Personally, this record speaks volumes.

In the track “Photographs” (see video below) lyrics remind the listener that perhaps attempts to shed the past (read: youth) are fruitless and it remains with everyone… when reminded of it, anyway…even subconsciously:

“Looking back at the photographs of me
stare into eyes I used to see with
they are glowing warm with memories that stick like syrup”

Sleepy sounding vocals coupled with handclaps and the occasional accordion brightens what can sometimes be a sad story: the process of growing up.

RickoLus – “Kid” [MP3]

Happy Wednesday.

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