Holy Fuck @ Siren

Holy Fuck didn’t turn heads at Siren, it threw them back in ecstasy. The experimental/psychedelic/dance band is known for their often-improvised instrumental jams, and they brought everything out in their festival-closing set Saturday that seemingly took the crowd by surprise. The thousands-deep slew of people moved like nobody was watching and like they themselves couldn’t stop themselves.

Frontman Brian Borcherdt spent a lot of the set playing with a metal contraption covered in cranks and levers that he ran a long spool of film through to create an eerie squeaking that punctuated each song. The rest of the band channeled the emotions as they kept the steady, rhythm-heavy songs pumping along.

Holy Fuck was one of the only bands at Siren to move the crowd to such a fervor, and they did it with the ease of any veteran act. Is this the return of the jam band? Or the evolution of what it means to jam?

Holy Fuck – “Latin America” [MP3]

More photos after the jump.

[All photos by James B. Hale/Knox Road from Siren Music Festival]

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