[MP3] The Cascade: “Super Television”

After hearing that our good friends The Scarlet Ending will be sharing a D.C. billing with The Cascade, I naturally needed to find out more. And by more, I mean anything at all.

The Cascade began early this year in D.C. and quickly turned into a FIFTEEN piece musical collective. The leader of the pack is James Wolff, who sings and composes the music. He’s backed by horns and a variety of other orchestral instruments (for your sake, and mine, you’ll find a listing of everyone after the jump.) “Super Television” is a cathartic anthem of a song, slowly building until the final full-on crescendo with essentially every instrument in play.

The Cascade – “Super Television” [MP3]

You can hear another song on their MySpace called “Make This Night Ours”. The promise of these couple tracks leaves me hoping for more in the near future, and I think I’ll get my wish as they’re looking to play more often and quickly picking up steam.

See the full band after the jump.

Jim Wolff – Composition/Vocals
Katie Knorovsky – Violin
Laura Pirocanac – Violin
Alexander Thuronyi – Violin
Anna Krewer – Viola
Erika Larsen – Cello
Noah Wiese – Cello
Dan Willis – Trumpet
Kyle Brennis – Trumpet
Deborah Bailin – Flute
Erik Sharar – Guitar
Igor Ivanov – Guitar
Marc Frankel – Bass
Lisa Fouladbash – Keyboard

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