I Am The Dot

I Am The Dot is the project of Zach Tipton, from Georgia by way of Denver. He recently released a new EP, titled The Royal Few, which you can get on the major cheap (one dollar…) from his Bandcamp. Tipton has plenty of material under his I Am The Dot moniker, including five official releases, all displaying Tipton’s expansive knowledge of pop arrangements, with layered harmonies, handclaps, and an array of instrumental noises.

While The Royal Few sees a noticeable change in the pace of the songwriting (slower, more relaxed), his previous EP, Minimal Love, was an exercise in happy-go-lucky experimental pop. Both were received well on my end, so you guys will get a track from each. How does that sound? Good? Good.

I Am The Dot – “The Crown” [MP3] (from The Royal Few)

I Am The Dot – “Minimal Love” [MP3] (from Minimal Love)

Also, check out the video for “The Crown” here, in which Tipton mixed together several home videos.

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