Coltrane Motion releases new album Hello Ambition!

Coltrane Motion, an indie-rock duo from Chicago, recently released their newest album, Hello Ambition!, which combines electro synth with hazy guitar. Michael Bond, the vocalist, has become a friend of ours through music blogging forums and the like, and recently let us know about Hello Ambition!. I knew he used to write a music blog, had a record label (datawaslost) and was in a band, but I never really thought twice about it until word about the new album. And, well, I’m sorry, Michael. Your music rocks. I also love this description:

Second full-length takes the duo’s drone-dance formula to the next level, smothering sunburnt melodies in a shoegazer haze.

Coltrane Motion – “I Forgot There Was A War On” [MP3]

Coltrane Motion – “Please Call It A Comeback” [MP3]

Purchase Hello Ambition!

Remaining current tour dates:
Fri June 11 @ Stonefly Brewery – Milwaukee, WI
Sat June 12 @ Medusa – Minneapolis, MN
Sat June 19 @ Woodstock Opera House – Woodstock, IL

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