Los Apson

It’s hard to find a lot of information about 1960s Mexican Rock ‘n’ Roll band Los Apson, primarily because Google translator has a hard time accurately making Spanish websites into English (lame). But from what I can tell, they were a talented group of musicians who covered English songs for a Mexican crowd, on top of making their own awesome jams. Digging through the compilations, I found a gold mine of hits including “Fue En Un Cafe (Under The Boardwalk),” “Suzie Q,” “Satisfaccion” and the incredible instrumental track “Viaje Submarino.”

Looks like the band started recording instrumental tracks until they were asked to add some vocals. That explains the awesome musicianship and great instrumental tracks. Although they were just one band in the plethora of popular Mexican groups at the time, they prove to stand out decades later as one of the best. Maybe I just like hearing classic rock ‘n’ roll songs in Spanish or maybe these guys are just great.

Los Apson – “Viaje Submarino” [MP3]

Los Apson – “Fue En Un Cafe” [MP3]

Los Apson – “Suzie Q” [MP3]

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