[MP3] The Powder Kegs: "La Mariposa"

I’ll admit, after hearing the first few seconds of “La Mariposa” I thought I’d can the song right away; the vocals were a major turn off. But I gave the song a chance, and whaddaya know, layers of warm and exciting instrumentation were added and the music became that much more pleasurable. It showed these guys weren’t just some run of the mill soft-core band, with flourishes of horn and bell to round out the sound. When they fix up the generic vocals they’ll become a true stand out.

The Powder Kegs are based out of Philadelphia and comprised of Dan Maroti, Ryan Dieringer, and Sam McDougle. They started as an old-time string band and actually earned several accolades for it, winning an award from NPR. But they changed gears a couple years ago and recorded their first pop album. “La Mariposa” is off their EP, Empty Side, which you can download right here for whatever price you desire.

The Powder Kegs – “La Mariposa” [MP3]

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  • I really like this one Lee! I think it’s the music that shines here, although I do love the falsetto that creeps in the chorus. The tempo changes are tops too.