Broken Social Scene is mostly triumphant on Forgiveness Rock Record

The ever-changing Broken Social Scene collective has provided listeners with a variety of different sounds throughout its career, which has now spanned nine years. Unconventional, atmospheric pop rock is the specialty of Kevin Drew, Brendan Canning and friends, and they get back to that foundation pretty well on their newest LP, Forgiveness Rock Record. The hour-long album struggles a bit in the first half with some forgettable shorter songs, but the second half really takes off and cements Broken Social Scene’s place as experts of art-rock.

The album starts off strong with “World Sick”, the first single off the album, leads into the fun, experimental “Chase Scene”, and then falters on “Texico Bitches”, which has ugly yelps not fit for Broken Social Scene’s area of expertise and a pressing chorus that repeats itself way too often — the lyrics throughout the song barely change. Texico Bitches this, Texico Bitches that. Huh? Dull stuff. But soon after the album picks up again with “All to All” and “Art House Director”.  The horns add a necessary fabric to the album that may otherwise be lacking. “Art House Director” is fun because of the horns, which push the melody forward to a jubilant extravaganza. Also, new female vocalist Lisa Lobsinger plays her role well, with a soft, sugary tone that doesn’t seek to overpower the music.

While at times lacking a bit of direction, Forgiveness Rock Record succeeds more often than not. If you’re in the mood to hear some playful, intricate, collaborative music, give the album a spin or two. Then repeat. You’ll discover more and more with each listen.

Broken Social Scene – “World Sick” [MP3]

Broken Social Scene – “All to All” [Stream]

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  • Sadie

    I’ve been listening to this album streaming from NPR for several days, and it’s REALLY good. I bought tickets to see them in September :-)