[MP3] Scenic Square: "I Don't Want To Go"

Brought to my attention by Taylor over at Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good, Scenic Square, four guys out of Chicago, make some intimately delicate electronica (imagine that in these days of hard hitting electropop!) and sound extraordinary in the process. “I Don’t Want To Go” is catchy from the get go with a simple, pressing beat in tandem with wavy strings and keys. It pushes along ever so slowly, but the repetition isn’t particularly bothersome because subtle shifts in tone present themselves throughout and it’s a quick little ditty. Also, I quite like the name Scenic Square; it’s musically fitting. The songs are sentimental and create the warm imagery of playful neighborhoods and fountains springing to life. Maybe those unicorns Jon talked about in his Olafur Arnalds post (before this one) are there too. I wouldn’t be all that surprised.

Scenic Square – “I Don’t Want To Go” [MP3]

Purchase their album Music In Our Homes for a mere $5 on Bandcamp.

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