Miss The Go! Team? Try Russia's Cheese People

Stop the presses! I’m about to talk disco punk! Whaattt?? Don’t I just listen to like, soft and wimpy indie rock stuff? Usually. But sometimes a band comes around with a unique sound that begs for my attention (the sound, not the band – I’m not that cool) and I need to diversify.

Cheese People, a female fronted four-piece out of Samara, Russia, are a bundle of fun and so much more. Much like those famed British pop stars The Go! Team, Cheese People (try to take me seriously…) throw in catchy electronic dance hooks with glitchy experimental static and a full head of steam. Randomly placed piano loops, ever-changing beats, and weirdo harmonies keep the listener constantly engaged and on their toes. The imagery of the sound depicts a scene you’d expect to see in a European dance club — hot and sexy, overly sweaty, perfectly slick dancing that would never work in America. But oh, it’s so right.

Their debut self-titled album was released in Russia in 2008, but will finally see a worldwide release this May. In the meantime, the group has already a finished a follow-up album due out in Russia in April, and continuing with the keeping us on our toes trend, it’s entirely acoustic. How is that even possible after listening to these songs? Riddle me that, folks, because it just doesn’t make any sense. And that’s a good thing, really.

Cheese People – “I Hate This Sound” [MP3]

Cheese People – “Ua-A-A!” [MP3]

Cheese People on MySpace

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