Lollapalooza announces strange, diverse lineup

Now when I say that Lollapalooza announced a diverse lineup, I don’t mean they have old jazz musicians with blues guitarists, pop stars and country singers. No, that would be truly diverse and also maybe less confusing than the lineup Lollapalooza actually announced. Headlining this year’s three-day festival in Chicago’s Grant Park are pop music superstars Lady Gaga and Green Day, older indie rock acts Arcade Fire and The Strokes, relatively new success Phoenix and inexplicably a reunited Soundgarden. Huh? I understand what I’m seeing, I’m just confused. Green Day, a well-hated entity of evil sharing a headlining spot with well-respected Arcade Fire and bubble-wearing pop diva Lady Gaga? I won’t claim to get it Lollapalooza. You just do what you do.

Other notably confusing acts include Social Distortion (when did they release an album last?), Devo (actually will be pretty cool), Cypress Hill (why?) and Switchfoot (WHY?). All of this, mind you, is alongside the likes of perfectly normal choices like MGMT, Hot Chip, The Black Keys, The National and Spoon. But to fill the lineup is a daunting task, and to sell tickets is an even more daunting one, so I can’t fault Lollapalooza really at all for this confusion. There will probably be people who come just for the indie acts, some for the pop acts and some for the, well, AFI and Switchfoot acts. To each his own, I always say! See the full lineup at the Lollapalooza site.

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