Dominique Young Unique

Tampa rapper Dominique Young Unique has been kicking around the scene for about a year or so now, and she’s received a lot positive attention which probably helped her get her own mashup on The Hood Internet. But with her most recent and best single “Show My Ass,” she has shown that she’s mature enough to fully infiltrate the music world that is just in SUCH DIRE NEED for a fresh face that isn’t the awful spawn of some corporate label (I’m looking at you Ke$ha).

At 17, she certainly has a fresh face, but don’t mistake Unique for some kind of amateur. The story goes that she’s been dropping tracks in Tampa with Yo! Majesty since she was 12. The kid can rap like nobody else can, delivering a barrage of tongue-twisting rhymes that turns heads and sits critics the fuck down. Her latest Blaster EP features “Show My Ass” and is just the jumping off point Unique needs to get into the game. Just like Kanye mentored Kid Cudi, Unique has Yo! Majesty who, although they don’t have quite the notoriety, are very well-respected in their own right.

I am just PRAYING to whatever evil puppet master that controls the music scene that Dominique Young Unique gets the cred she deserves. There are few young artists who have the kind of talent she has, and what we DON’T need are any more awful young artists shoved down our throats (Ke$ha, I’m still looking at you).

Dominique Young Unique – “Show My Ass” [MP3]

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