[MP3] All The Damn Kids: "The Books Stop Here"

Wow. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to find and post about All The Damn Kids, a five-member Sheffield (UK) based indie-pop band. (Actually, I can believe it as I’ve been out of town away from any sort of competent internet outside my cell phone, but dramatic effect works wonders, right? On that note, glad to be back and at ’em with you guys! Thanks to Jon for keeping Knox Road in action while Jamie and I have been out of it.)

Anyway, back to the “wow” factor. “The Books Stop Here”, their debut single, is due for official release on April 26 (though, they’re offering the song as a free download), and I anticipate much press for it in the coming weeks. As the title implies, it’s a playful track, which you figure out from the get-go, and it’s nearly impossible not to break out into a huge grin upon first listen. The guy-girl vocals and soaring female harmonies in the chorus would be a stand out if not for the equally piercing instrumentation. The driving guitars and percussion set the pervasive mood of the slick production, and the keys and bells round off the aforementioned harmonies to create a supremely catchy song.

All The Damn Kids is my new band of the moment. Try to get “The Books Stop Here” out of your head. I dare you.

All The Damn Kids – “The Books Stop Here” [MP3]

All The Damn Kids on MySpace

[Photo by Kristie McNulty]

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