Dirty Projectors cover Bob Dylan's "Dark Eyes"

Stereogum coming through in the clutch yet again (well, actually, Rory: whoever you are, thank you! – and to Ian at MFR for the heads up). The ‘gum crew notified us earlier this morning that Dirty Projectors laid down a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Dark Eyes” at Australian radio station Triple J. Dirty Projectors are having a hard time doing any wrong in my book now that I’ve fully warmed to Bitte Orca. As we noted in our top albums of 2009 commentary, the vocals are everything for Dirty Projectors, and the same goes for this haunting Dylan tune – we get some forceful (yet hushed – please explain to me how they can pull that off), resonant vocal timbre. Also, when the singing takes a backseat during the interludes, the simple acoustic guitar picking is quite beautiful in and of itself.

Dirty Projectors – “Dark Eyes” (Bob Dylan cover) [MP3]

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