[MP3] Sarah Kirkland Snider: "This Is What You're Like (ft. My Brightest Diamond)"

Composer Sarah Kirkland Snider teamed up with Shara Worden (aka My Brightest Diamond) for “This Is What You’re Like,” a track from Snider’s upcoming album Penelope. Now I’m not 100 percent clear on this, so I think a block quote from the press release will suffice:

Derived from a multimedia-theater piece co-created by Snider and playwright Ellen McLaughlin, the work centers on a woman whose long-missing former husband turns up at her door, traumatized by two decades spent in an unnamed war.  To restore his memory, the woman reads aloud from Homer’s “Odyssey.”

Right?? I’m no theater critic who might “Bah!” and “Arrgh!” at some new-fangled work. But as a music critic who might “Bah!” and “Arrgh!” at some new piece of work I can with confidence say that “This Is What You’re Like” is awesome. It’s such a well-crafted song with intense emotion and wonderful instrumentation. The vocals are classic My Brightest Diamond and hearing Worden in a slightly different and unique setting is just thrilling.

Penelope is out in August on New Amsterdam.

Sarah Kirkland Snider – “This Is What You’re Like (ft. My Brightest Diamond)” [MP3]

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