Pill Wonder takes tribal music to the beach on Jungle/Surf

The name of Pill Wonder’s debut album, Jungle/Surf, is entirely appropriate. The band seems as influenced by hectic tribal rhythms and jungle noises as they are by chilled out beach music. It reminds me of some old school big game hunter who displays his shotgun and lion head at his California beach house. Boots on, brandy in hand, but always ready to get high and go surfing. This guy knows what’s up.

Jungle/Surf is a constant trip into rhythmic dancey music that knows the exact right time to flip the switch and change course to more pop-oriented stuff or more relaxed songs. As a whole, the album does a wonderful job constantly evolving, although Pill Wonder maintains a consistent sound throughout. Some elements of lo-fi including intentionally clipped vocals and rough recording all around are present, but the songs also seem meticulously put together, with so many little sounds and details throughout.

“Wishing Whale” is the single that the band has been playing for a while now, but it finds a home nicely on the full-length, as does “Wasted By The Screen.” But probably the most exciting single is the energetic “Gone To The Market.” Although Jungle/Surf‘s eight songs are just over 18 minutes long, it’s enough to make you crave more. The album seems more like a tease than anything else, so I expect further great jungle and/or surf-inspired songs, ok guys?

Pill Wonder – “Gone To The Market” [MP3]

Pill Wonder – “Wishing Whale” [MP3]

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