Yeasayer brilliantly balances pop and experimental on Odd Blood

Just over a year ago, Animal Collective released an album that I noted was “a great balance between art and pop,” a trend that continued thoughout 2009, the year that experimental indie bands began to embrace pop sentiments and make amazing albums. Without missing a beat, Yeasayer gives their own brilliant take on experimental and pop on what I’ll say is thus far The Best Album of 2010.

Odd Blood doesn’t exist to be picked apart or analyzed heavily, so I’ll do my best to do neither. The second album by the Brooklyn band exists purely to be enjoyed. Although the music is rooted heavily in the worlds of psychedelia, electronica and experimentation, it has an unabashed presence of simple pop elements that makes the songs not only fascinating musically, but incredibly catchy. Melodies and choruses are a somewhat unexpected, yet welcome surprise that will make your mom want to swap out that ABBA 45.

It’s hard to point out a few choice singles on Odd Blood because, well, there are so many great tracks. Four of the first five songs (“Ambling Alp,” “Madder Red,” “I Remember” and “O.N.E.”) are a nonstop snowball of hooks, beats and melodies. “Rome” gives us one more catchy tune before the album turns to the heavier, yet still great, stuff at the end. “Grizelda” is probably one of the better closing tracks I’ve heard in a while (although not as good as Hot Chip’s “Take It In”).

If Odd Blood proves anything it’s that A. Brooklyn bands are a seemingly unstoppable force of incredible music and B. The experimental pop/electronica/psych trend might be more than just a trend. More and more, indie bands are leaving behind the Pixies/Joy Division influence to play with different styles of music that are often played under a similar synth-laced umbrella. If Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion laid down the path, Yeasayer’s Odd Blood paves it beautifully and leaves room for further experimentation and more amazing music to come.

Yeasayer – “Madder Red” [MP3]

Yeasayer – “O.N.E.” [MP3]

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  • As I was reading this blog, I was listening to “O.N.E.” and I found myself completely agreeing to what you were saying about their style of music. Great band for sure! I also found many awesome Web sites through your blog roll. Thanks for the inspiration.