[MP3] Evan Voytas: "I Run With You, Spirit Animal"

It seems like spaced-out dreamy synth musicians are piling up higher than the snowfall in D.C. (terrifyingly untrue zing!). Evan Voytas seems to have quite a history already. According to his Myspace: “He grew a beard, moved to the desert, moved back, shaved the beard, played lead guitar for a few pop acts, toured the world, moved to a farmhouse on a dirt road in Pennsylvania, started recording music, and finally ended up in Los Angeles.” Intense!

His single, “I Run With You, Spirit Animal” is just wonderful and it has a just wonderful video to accompany it over at Stereogum. More to come from this formally bearded musician? Yes, I’m sure.

Evan Voytas – “I Run With You, Spirit Animal” [MP3]

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