TQR (The Quiet Revolution)

Less equals more (there’s a pun here, which you’ll understand soon ;)). Or so TQR would lead you to be believe. Also, new projects are intriguing, right? The story goes like this: Tal More, a 31 year-old Israeli songwriter, writes a song and then finds the right vocalist and musicians for his work. He keeps his production to a bare minimum and the sound lulls to you sleep, or at least to a parasympathetic emotional state. Oh yeah, and his work is largely influenced by Elliott Smith’s lo-fi recordings. I’d say that’s a good jumping-off point. More says about the music,

“TQR attempts to focus on the things I believe music should be about- original lyrics, strong melody & sincere delivery. Production is kept at a bare minimum as I feel it tends to steal focus from the more important aspects of music and sometimes disguises uninspired substance.”

He lucked out with the ultra-talented Tracy Gibbons and Hadar Green to help out as vocalists. Their voices are smooth yet powerful, and add the necessary “oomph” (yes, joke to Jamie…) to the songs. For the instrumental background, More works with piano/keyboard player Assaf Tal and guitarist Amit Erez.

Have a listen to the songs below with the realization that I’m digging them and fully expecting a bit of a snowstorm on my end. Timely music.

TQR (Ft. Tracy Gibbons) – “Undergound” [MP3]

TQR (Ft. Hadar Green) – “Parallel Me” [MP3]

TQR on MySpace

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