[MP3] Hands: "Windows"

Stumbled upon this beauty of a track today and couldn’t help but post it ASAP. Mixing everything we’ve come to love about 2009’s progression of tribal influences and experimentation, Hands, a duo out of Los Angeles, are more than ready to carve out a role for themselves in the indie pop scene of 2010.

At times sounding like the electronic mishmash of Psapp with random yelps (almost sounds like dog barks??), “Windows” is a track full of sublime atmosphere with a light percussion-centered background. I can imagine dancing around a bonfire listening to “Windows”, sacrificing our oneness for something greater in harmony with others.

“Windows” is off of their self-recorded Cities EP, released in May 2008, and a new single, “Hold”, is set to be released February 26, 2010 via German label Headphonica. We’ll surely keep you in the loop about “Hold” – I gave it a listen and at this point my interest in their future is nothing but piqued. Watch for big things soon.

Hands – “Windows” [MP3]

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