[Off My Radar] Girls

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[Ed. Note: A lot of music comes out in a given year. I’m busy, ok? I don’t have all the time in the world to hear everything released and tell you about it. So I’ve decided to go back and visit all the great music that was, clearly, just off my radar.]

I’ve been just OBSESSED with Girls since I first heard them at the end of the summer. What? You didn’t know? You wouldn’t know, looking at the exactly zero posts about the band on Knox Road. The San Francisco “band” (made up of a couple of stoned dudes) may be built in a very typical way, and their name (Girls) and album name (Album) may be excruciatingly typical, but the band is anything but. Their ability to write infectious pop songs that simultaneously play with and respect much more serious undertones is exceptional. Top notch, even.

“Lust For Life” may already be a song, but thanks to Girls, you now have to say “Which one do you mean?” The lyrics in the beginning of the track give Album one of the best side-one, track-one openings in a long time. Beyond that it’s all easy riding with great pop tracks like “Laura,” “Big Bad Mean Mother Fucker” and “Hellhole Ratrace.” Girls made us remember, “Oh, San Francisco DOES have a music scene!” Let’s just hope this scene grows and gives us even more beach pop-infused, tortured-musician rock. Because I just can’t get enough girls Girls girls in my life.

Girls – “Lust For Life” [MP3]

Girls – “Laura” [MP3]

Girls – “Hellhole Ratrace” [MP3]

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